Tyreek Hill Is Pissed With Rick Ross Over House Fire Video

Miami Dolphins receiver, Tyreek Hill finally expressed that he is not feeling Rick Ross right now. Hill's south Miami-Dade mansion caught on fire a few months back. The blaze was captured by near by news outlets and "The biggest boss", Rick Ross.

Rozay lives across the street from Hill. Ross captured the house fire from his yard on video. The video included commentary from Ross documenting step by step of the smoky area. Ross speculated how the blaze was sparked even suggested it was by an electrical problem. He also threw in a little shout out to his Wing Stop empire for all of his millions of followers to watch.

Hill response to Ross, "First off, I just wanna say, Rick Ross, bro... I can't vibe with you now, bro," Hill said. "I can't fu__ with you no more, bro."

"Rick Ross, man. You had the audacity to talk to a fireman instead of come protect... you got my number, bro," Hill continued. "You get on Twitter, posting me all over Twitter, like, after what me and my family went through. You're supposed to be the neighbor. The neighborhood hero!!"

Video: YouTube itsbizkitz

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