Kodak Black Released From Federal Custody

Pompano rapper Kodak Black has been released from jail after a federal judge sentenced him to time served for a probation violation. Judge Jose E. Martinez released Black with credit, Wednesday Feb. 21. Kodak Black has been bounced between both Broward County and Miami-Dade County.

The arrest followed a violation of his probation from an unrelated case, which led to him being locked up for the past two months in Miami.

Broward County Circuit Judge Barbara Duffy ruled earlier this month that prosecutors could not refute or negate the fact that the rapper had an oxycodone prescription filled by a pharmacy in his name, Bill Kapri. Police arrested Kapri in December after pulling up on him asleep at the wheel with white powder around his mouth, officials said. At the time authorities said the powder initially tested positive for cocaine, a lab test later revealed it was oxycodone, for which Kapri obtained a prescription in July 2022.

The drug trafficking case from 2022 remains ongoing. Kodak was detained in 2022 on charges of trafficking oxycodone and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. He was released on bond with random drug testing as a condition of his freedom. He was then sent to  rehab for 30 days after missing a drug test in February last year and then testing positive for fentanyl several days later; documented in court records.  

Cohen, Yak's lawyer took to instagram with a post letting it be known Kodak was on his way home.

"Federal Probation terminated with time served," .... "In the Southern District of Florida Judge Maritnez dismissed all substantive counts and Kodak plead to sole violation of failure to report police contact. Time served and he should be released by tonight."

Kodak will be able to witness the birth if his new bundle of joy scheduled to deliver this Friday. Maranda Johnson, the baby’s mother, wrote the judge expressing the need for Kodak to be home for the birth of their new addition.

Cohen said to reporters, “He should’ve never been charged with it,”..... “You can’t tamper with something you legally possess.” Kodak is still charged with tampering with evidence.

Kodak dropped a music video to his new single "Shampoo" 2 days ago before his release. Check it out below.

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