Michigan High School Shooter's Mother Found Guilty

At Oxford High School in Michigan on 30 November 2021. Jennifer Crumbley's son,Ethan Crumbley now 17, is serving life in prison for killing four classmates. A jury has found the 45 year old mother guilty of involuntary manslaughter for failing to stop her son from carrying out the deadly school shooting.

Along with killing four classmates seven other students were injured in the shooting.

Jennifer is the first parent in the US to be convicted of manslaughter over a mass shooting carried out by their child. Each charge carries a maximum of 15 years. Mrs. Crumbley and her husband James bought the gun their son used not too long before the mass shooting. At the time of arrest police found the pair by a public tip during their search for them.

They have not been able to make bail for more than two years.

The morning of the shooting in 2021, the parents cut short a school meeting about a disturbing drawing their son had made to go to work and declined to take him home. School officials sent him back to class not knowing his backpack contained a gun.

At her trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Ethan Crumbley had wanted mental health help and complained of hallucinations, but said his parents did not get him treatment. Ms Crumbley said on the stand that she did not think her son had mental health problems.

James Cumbley's trial for their son's actions is set to start next month in March.

Do you think patents should be responsible for the child's criminal behavior?

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