Congratulations Sexyy Red Gives Birth

Sexyy Red gives birth, she welcomes her baby girl. Sexyy Red hosted a exclusive "China Town" themed baby shower last month in Hollywood, Fl. Today she gave she took to her Instagram to announce she gave birth to her baby girl; Chyna! Posted in the hospital Sexyy Red had a full photo shoot in her hospital gown.

In the viral clip, which can be viewed below, the pregnant rapper is taking flicks with her baby daddy. While Red is bending over, her child's father hid his face in her behind.

Baby Chyna is Sexyy's second child, following her firstborn son, Chukie, in 2020. Red expressed prior that she went through great lengths to keep her growing baby bump on the low. Wearing clothing with more material than usual and her strategic posture adjustments during red carpet appearance and performances.

She let her IG family and fans know that she was ” waitin to get discharged” so that she could ” hit da block wit da guys.”

In a series of photos Sexyy Red captioned her post  “Sexyy Mama back bthc"......

While Sexyy Red's fans were excited about her announcement back in October of her expecting baby number 2, many were just as curious to who Sexyy Red is coparenting her baby with. Leave it to the internet to investigate the situation with speculations running wild. Fans called on individuals like Drake, Chief Keef, and popular streamer Kai Cenat. The "Pound Town" rapper made several post jokingly stating that the internet was too "nosey" and posted pics of her posing with a man but his face was blurred out. The conclusion with who the mystery dad is, an unknown rapper named Wu Deuce is rumored to be the father.

Sexyy Red's Lit China Town Themed Baby Shower

"My bad if my booty stink," Red laughs before giving photographers the middle finger. Check out clips posted below of Sexyy Red partying with her guest.

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