21 Savage Caught In $120K Gambling Scam

Earlier Today (Friday Feb.2), 21 Savage was caught by Ross using a sketchy deck of cards. Adin Ross,popular streamer appeared to call out 21 on the cards after he gambled $120,000 and lost.

Adin Ross is seen on live stream checking the back of the cards for scratch marks. 21 Savage denied having any knowledge of the cards being marked. You can hear Adin going threw the cards showing 21, all the scratches on the face cards.

Repeatedly Adin Ross is heard commenting how "wild" the situation was. Ross seemingly agreed that 21 wasn't aware of the red deck of cards being tampered with. The two moved forward to play NBA 2K so that Ross could attempt to win his money back from the card game. After attempting to start playing NBA 2K Ross couldn't focus. He called the game with 21 agreeing.

"That is crazy as f#ck", Ross says commenting on the shady card game. 21 repeats Ross, saying "That's crazy, I don't even play like that. Ross sums up the experience as he has learned his lesson and he is sticking to $2k bets.

Before leaving the live stream 21 Savage mentions to Ross that he will make it right and asked for Ross's account information. Ross thanked him for trying to make it right.

Many of the viewers on the live stream commented on when the marked red deck of cards entered the game.

Check out the live stream recording of Adin Ross and 21 Savage below. 21 Savage moved his chair close to Adin to inspect the cards with a puzzled look on his face.

"look look look...you can see it right there." explains Adin. 21 attempts to tell Adin he's trippen before the two agree to move on.

21 didn't stick around too much longer after the jug was up on the janky red deck of cards. From watching the clip above of Adin Ross and 21 Savage in a cards wager do you think 21 knew the red deck of cards were marked? Drop your comments below.

Video: Adin Liv

Photo: Gettyy Images

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