Drake & Meek Mill Claim Young Thug Can Sue Over Leaked Jail Call

Both Meek Mill and Drake have expressed disgust with the Fulton County court system this week pertaining to the incarceration of Atlanta rapper Young Thug. Earlier this week both audio and video from a jail phone call between Young Thug and his girlfriend, Mariah the Scientist was leaked online.

The clips weren't too rated nor dramatic and didn't exactly have viewers discussing the topic of conversation. The attention was directed towards the invasion of privacy fans felt on Thug's behalf. Online users expressed in comments how uncomfortable it made them and shared in outrage. Meek Mill also joined in taking to Twitter to share his thoughts on the consequences that should be followed and what Thugger should do next....

"This is a top tier lawsuit your personal call not suppose to be on the street" his tweet read.

Mariah The Scientist has been by Thug's side the entire trial. She's made public statements before on the status of her and Thug before that I've reported on. Mariah and Thug began dating in 2021. She has appeared in court in solidarity for Thug several times. One court date Thug was caught mouthing "I love you" to Mariah.

Below Mariah the Scientist shouts out Young Thug during her performance. Drake also caught wind of the disrespect of Thug's private jail call hitting the streets and called out Judge Ural Glanville directly.

Judge Ural Glanville has been residing over the YSL RICO trial since the start. Drake called out the judge directly for not protecting Young Thug's privacy.

@Champagnepapi commented .......

 “This gotta be some form of jail misconduct,” Drake wrote. ......“You gonna drag this talented man then not be able to control your employees using his personal business for their own gain?........

“Somebody benefitted from this video even existing and that’s shameful whole case is a wash just 3 the guy and let him come home and continue bringing light to Atlanta.”

Drake wrote on Dj Akademick's post showing the leaked jail call.

Thug has been behind bars since May 2022. You can find all your updates here.

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