Guns Pulled with Chrisean Rock On Set

Last night (Tuesday Jan 16), Chrisean Rock was scheduled to appear on a new show called "20 Vs. 1" in Atlanta. While filming footage is caught of an armed man assaulting another on set. The two men scuffle and guns are quickly raised. The two men fighting eventually fell to the ground and that is when tides turn in the fight. The man on the floor reaches in his pants pockets and pulls out a firearm with an extended clip on it to pistol-whip the other man.

The scary moment unfolded while the team was filming. The horrific incident was recorded from multiple angles. In the footage the armed assailant was holding two guns.

It's unclear what motivated the man to disrupted the filming with guns blazing but it is seen in the footage that people were excited that Rock was on set. You can hear minor discussion on who was the person to have booked Rock to appear.

The show in question was "20 Vs. 1" which has become a famous serious on YouTube at this point. Chrisean described on Instagram Live,recapping the situation.. "some men came in with guns and started pressing a contestant".

Chrisean took a video of the bloody aftermath and the contestant's beaten face. His jacket had blood all over it. The other contestants, seemed to be in shock over what had just happened before their eyes. Rock was a bit shaken up as well and was ready to leave the location.

While making an exit from the drama Rock's team is heard encouraging her to get off of Ig live multiple times.

What are you thoughts on catching moments like this for Ig live? Do you agree with Rock's response that at least its "recorded for evidence" when asked by her security why she was she on live and how is that helping?

Photo:Getty Images

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