NBA Young Boy Goes Off On Joe Budden

Joe Budden is known for speaking his mind on music and the hip-hop culture on his podcast. He recently criticized Baton Rouge rapper, NBA Young Boy's music during a recent episode of Joe Budden Podcast.

Joe's unsolicited feedback on YoungBoy caused a quick reaction. Joe and YoungBoy paths crossed in the past with similar harsh verbal retaliation. In February Budden blasted the rapper's "Stop The Violence" Campaign.

“I don’t believe one fu@kin’ word of any of that sh$t,” he said. “I laughed every time that sh&t popped up on my phone in the black and white looking at the f#$cking snow with the nice clothes on. Get the f#ck outta here.”

On Joe Budden's more recent podcast the Slaughterhouse vet said NBA Young Boy....

“That n-gga’s trash,” said Joe.... matter-of-factly. “He’s horrible. He is horrible. He is really, really, really, really, really bad. I don’t know him as a person; I’m only speaking about music.

“That thing happened with him where when he was out, the label pushed the button and did some YouTube sh$t, so then all the little kids had to come to the gathering and tell you about NBA YoungBoy’s views and how great he is.”

NBA YoungBoy and his mentor, Cash Money Records head; Baby, went in on Joe Budden. YoungBoy called him a “p#$$y a@s bi^ch” and inviting him to pull up on him in Utah.

YB continued his rant ...“The last thing I dropped was Decided 2.... my album’s still in the top 10, pu$$y a@# n-gga!” he said. “Don’t speak on me, I don’t play that sh%t. Don’t rat on me neither, you pu#$y b@$tch!

“You stupid dumb b@$ch, your d*ck don’t even get hard no more, clown a#$ n-gga! Ain’t no sabotaging me, b@tch! F#-k wrong with that n-gga, man? Don’t rat on me, b@$ch.”

Birdman checked in the online beef telling Joe to watch his steps when speaking on YoungBoy with a warning.

.....“@joebudden you f#kin with somethin you should leave alone,” Birdman wrote on his Instagram Stories. “Stunna Corleone Gotti NBarg @neverbrokeagainllc.”

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