Meek Mill Questions Making Money Off Streams

Meek Mill has a plan to make streaming dollars worth it for artist. Meek says "it's impossible to make money off streams. The system is failing." Meek let it be known he owns 100% of his masters.

“I own 100% of my masters and publishing now ima rap and have a ball with it and make music that touch people worldwide! For licensing or distribution me and all DREAM CHASER ARTIST are totally independent… we looking for top tier distribution -MEEK MILL-

On Monday (November 20), shared his thoughts on the current streaming model.

“It’s not possible to make money off .003 a stream from your favorite fans,” he said. “I used to sell my wholesale price at 5.00 when whole sale was 2.50 hard copy …. It’s not logical … I can sell 35k copies at 2 arena shows of people there to see me the system falling I got it tho.”

The next day the Philly rapper, re-shared his post seeking distribution, then also revealed he was hunting for designers for his merch.

“I need graphic designers … I wanna start a discord and just pay whoever can come up with the best designs for my merch I have 10 different brands.”

Meek is standing on business for the culture. Meek is blasting the labels for using black people and not giving back. He aimed his rant at anyone that is making money off the backs of "his people" and not providing any benefits for the people that are filling their bank accounts.

 “F#@k these labels; They operating without consequences in the biggest scheme to date.

“Lawyers working with corporations (mentally) challenging young kids with business they can’t understand, taking all the benefits… IF YOU LETTING LABELS TAKE YOUR MONEY HOW YOU BEEFING WITH N--GAS IN THE HOOD OVER NOTHING.”

Meek continued: “We catch y’all stealing we in the streets with it f#@k it I been had my life on the line in the streets. If we gon make life about something, let’s stand on something worth it.

“IF YOU BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY PEOPLE THAT YOU WOULD REALLY MAKE CRY TAP IN THIS GOTTA STOP. I’ll die for this or I’ll go to jail but take from me shidddddd lol this is for all cultures eating off black murder and poverty without giving back taking advantage. Til my last breath.”

You can view the tweets below:

Are you here for Meek Mill's plan as he advocates for artist in the music industry?

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