ASAP Rocky Goes To Trial

Judge rules ASAP Rocky must stand trial for felony charges firing a gun at former friend. Monday a L.A. judge found the evidence to be enough for Rocky to have to stand trial.

Superior Court Judge M.L. Villar made the ruling at at a preliminary hearing. There was a day and a half of testimony before his conclusion. Rocky has pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm.  Born Rakim Mayers (Rocky), 35 years old pulled a gun out on his childhood friend Terell Ephron better known to the public as ASAP Relli allegedly in November 2021.

In California courts, preliminary hearings like these are common and like a miniature version of a trial, with only a judge deciding whether sufficient evidence exists to move forward. The standard of proof for doing so is far lower than what's required for criminal guilt.

During the hearing, Detective Frank Flores took the stand and new surveillance video was unveiled, in addition to what was shown at the earlier hearing this month. In the new footage, two loud pops, which the prosecution team said is the alleged shooting, were heard but not seen.

Flores confirmed he reviewed the footage in his investigation and Rocky, had a gun in his hand during the altercation. Under cross examination, however, he revealed the gun was never recovered. Meanwhile, the two shell casings that were recovered from the scene by ASAP Relli and turned into police two days later had no fingerprints.

The fashion mogul and two-time Grammy nominee. He is in a relationship with pop star Rihanna, with whom he has two young sons.

The fashion mogul and two-time Grammy nominee is set to stand trial January 8. The father of two seemed unphased while sitting in court. He has denied all claims against him.

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Video: KTLA5 YouTube

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