Nicki Minaj Tells Barbz to Chill On Threatening People

Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram Story to ask her most cherished supporters to pause when it comes to defending her honor. The Barbz are known for going hard for the "Queen of Rap".

“Dear Barbz, be sure to never threaten anyone on my behalf,” ...Whether on the internet or in person. Whether in jest or not. I don’t and never have condoned that.” Nicki did not specify what inspired her to write the post.;but she did remind fans that there are great things around the corner waiting for them.

Nicki urged fan to focus on her new album releasing December 8th. .

“We have an amazing album right around the corner 12/08/23,” “It feels so surreal & euphoric,” she added.

She recently pushed back the release date which had the internet sounding off to the reasons why. The original date was set for November 17 release date. To avoid any conflicts and showing love for her close friend and mentor Lil Wayne’s joint album with 2 ChainzWelcome 2 Collegrove, also was due to drop on the same day. December wasn't to hard to switch up the months for its her birthday month.

 Nicki faces multiple legal actions over Barbz being reckless in defense of the rap star. One situation a YouTuber ,who critiqued Nicki Minaj as being “a horrible person” is planning to file a lawsuit against Minaj’s fans ( Barbz) who she claims crossed the line in continuously harassing her, her family, and threatening violence.

Nicki is so clearly a horrible person. Negativity sticks to her like glue. Idk if we’ve ever seen this before.

— Kimberly Nicole Foster (@KimberlyNFoster) September 12, 2022

Foster said that the harassment has gone beyond the online space. She tweeted about going to her niece’s school for a day before a commenter replied that her niece would be “collateral damage.” Foster claims that they are encouraged by Nicki liking the comments. She also claims the Barbz go harder and harder at people being viscous in attempt to catch Nicki Minaj's attention.

Nicki Minaj has responded to the suite as frivolous.

Nicki Minaj is also being sued by Jennifer Hough, the woman suing Nicki and her husband Kenneth Petty for harassment, Nicki claims the women is angling for a payday, according to legal documents the rap star has filed in response to the suit.

Minaj recently herself filed a lawsuit against a blogger, who called her a “cokehead.”

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