Kodak Black Training To Fight Ray J

A feud between Kodak and Ray J was sparked after Yak's recent Drink Champs interview with host N.O.R.E and Dj EFN. Following the highly anticipated interview Ray J commented on his observations.....

“Yo somebody need to grab bro and make sure he good,” Ray J wrote in an Instagram comment. “This ain’t the interview Nore. We gotta help this dude.

Ray J also claims that Kodak upset Donald Trump when he took him to his "house."

“I took him to Trump house and he did the most. They were not happy with the experience bc he had no guidance and respect. Yo @wack100 let’s figure out how we can help this guy instead of watching him self destruct.”

The Pompano Super Gremlin wasn't feelin being spoke on and retorted with unkind words calling Ray a pu$#y and a bi$#h. He also threaten to beat Ray J up.

Ray responded telling Kodak to run the "fade" on instagram live. Following Ray J video walking around his house Kodak released a video of him shirtless working out with his trainer.

Photo:Getty Images

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