Khia Goes In On Sexyy Red

Khia read Sexyy Red like no other after "Hater" diss. The "My Neck, My Back" hitmaker took to her gavel and gave a speech breaking down Sexyy Red's fashion style, lyrics,sexual endeavors, health and more from top to bottom then circling back to topics.

"We the people vs. fugly, non-Sexyy knocked-up a#$ Red," her lengthy rant aimed at the St. Louis native begins. "Your a#$ is being charged with not being ashamed of your God d#$n self. Doing h*e s#*t then being mad about it. Being a deadbeat mama, a deadbeat daddy, a deadbeat daughter, and a deadbeat Young Thug lookalike," Khia went on.....

Comparing Big Sexyy to "wrinkled bedsheet" while labelling herself a queen. "Suckin' on toes and balls at the same d**n time. Getting pissed and shi#$ed on and tryna come for a real Queen," the Florida Queen continued to list her opp's charges...."Tryna clap back with the Clap," and "looking like some crust in a ni#$as drawers" also made the list of charges, Khia made sure to mention her theory about Sexyy being unable to deliver her baby vaginally because of the sexually transmitted illments Sexyy shared during interviews. All gloves off Khia ripped into the men Sexyy chooses to play with as well.

Of course, it didn't long for Big Sexyy to see the diss video. Sexyy unbothered as usual did not waste time commenting on Khia's rant. She called Khia "jealous and miserable" for throwing so much shade before posting an unflattering throwback image of the mother of two on her own IG feed.

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