Lil Baby Is Not With Using Him As Click Bait

Lil Baby clears up rumors after going viral from a Twitter video post. If you were on social media over the weekend, then you might have crossed NSFW video making the rounds. In the clip, a man was giving another man fellatio. People started claiming the man performing the act was Lil Baby. Some app users writing, .... "Not Lil Baby"... other chiming in confused on what the situation is concerning their favorite rapper.

This is not the Atlanta rapper's sexuality has come into question. From DJ Akademiks to the everyday lil baby fans, has been hanging on to every message posted to Twitter as he is the topic on the app. Baby usually does not pay the clout chasers attention but, he felt like he needed to address some things before it all gets too far out of hand.

In the tweet below, you can find a reposted Instagram story in which the artist sets the record straight.

"Y'all gotta stop using my name and likeness when you get bored," Lil Baby wrote. "The extremes mfs go to for clout is sick. Ain't no mystery in my history on NO LEVEL...This my last time addressing any kind of click bait. Tf is wrong with y'all?" There's no way anyone would be happy with rumors being circulated that are not true.

Outside of being trolled on the internet, Lil Baby has continued making waves in the music game. It’s Only Us Tour was a success finishing up in September. Lil Baby has been featured recently on new music with Dj Khaled(“Supposed To Be Loved”), Ciara (“Forever”) and EST GEE (“I Think”), among others.

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