"Momma Duck" Confirms King Von's $100K Hit On Alleged Opp's Is True

 ‘Mama Duck,’ has spoken out about the alleged hit ordered by King Von against her son last week. She sat down with No Jumper and discussed the moments leading up to her son's death. "Mama Duck" shared that her son (FBG Duck) was on his way back home when he was gunned down in cold blood. She claimed, there was proof that Von ordered the hit on her son.

 Von supposedly had a fearsome reputation in Chicago. Von and Duck have been connected In 2021, per unsealed police documents claimed that Von fatally shot Gakirah Barnes in 2014, who was believed to be an assassin for the Gangster Disciples street gang (Chicago Times). Barnes was 17 years old at the time of her assassination. Von's murder kicked off a war between the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples, who counted King Von amongst their ranks. King Von was alleged to have also shot Barnes’s brother, but he got away and survived the attack. 

Check out the video below of news reports on the situation.

FBG Duck ( Carlton Weekly) was a member of the Gangster Disciples along with Barnes, and it’s believed that her murder sparked an all-out war between himself and Von (Dayvon Bennett).

Both King Von and FBG Duck were killed within months of each other in 2020. "Momma Duck" claims all the killing stopped once King Von was no longer around to wreak havoc on the streets.

Momma Duck told the podcast, “They proved it,” “They telling on theyself, y’all. Everybody want to talk about ‘trenches news,’ and the informants, and all that sh#t. Stop it and knock it off.”....She continued, after the blogger was able to get paperwork on the body cams. Duck’s last words from the body cams. Momma duck assured Adam (blogger) she seen the bod cam footage...." He wasn’t no op. Duck was no op. But Von, he ordered that hit. Hundred G’s.”

Mama Duck walks through FBG Duck's last moments below.

Photo: Getty Images

Video:WGN News on YouTube/ No Jumper YouTube

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