The Internet Drags Drake's New Hair Style

 Drake has been teasing his new album for months. For All the Dogs  dropped today with Drake promising a return to “the old Drake.” Now, the “old Drake” There is a lot of chatter of excitement for the new release along with fans dragging the Cadian Champagnepapi's new hair style.

Drake was spotted hanging out in Houston with singer Talameshia. In the picture, Drake is showing off his natural curls with colorful rainbow hair clips. The hairstyle sparked mixed reactions from fans.

"Drake is bored. He gotta be. Because what is this?" comments one fan. "I love when people do what they wanna do and don’t gaf. Long as they ain’t hurting nobody..." comments another.

For All The Dogs has 23 tracks with one hour and 25-minute runtime. Drake selected some of his super star comrades to collaborate on his album; J. Cole, Chief Keef, Sexyy Red, Snoop Dogg, Sade, Teezo Touchdown, Bad Bunny, Yeat, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty and PARTYNEXTDOOR, and last but certainly not least SZA. SZA is featured twice.

Photo:Getty Images

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