SZA's Asking for Your Support

The singer-songwriter, SZA took to social media today to post an update on her health situation. Her post read "My voice is shot'. She shared that she got sick after a recent show, and might have to cancel her Toronto performance. She says that she's doing her best to get well ahead of the show tonight, but her voice is still on the mend. The performer shared the news on Instagram. She was unable to log into her Twitter account.

Global Citizen Festival 2022: Accra

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Sza wrote " I wanted to let you know got sick after jersey and I’m here in Toronto taking a z pack n hella steroids . My body is able but my voice is shot I’m trying my best to make it tonight !!! I really need your support I don’t wanna cancel."

SZA also commented that she would need her fans help to sing every word....

"If I play I would literally need you guys to sing EVERY WORD. TELL ME WHAT U WANT ME TO DO . I’ll do it . Love you," she wrote. Though fans want the best for their favorites some dropped comments asking her not cancel, while heavy supporters are encouraging her to rest and get back healthy.

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