Update: Coi Laray’s Week Brightens Up

Coi Leray has become a force to be reckoned with in both rap and pop music in the last few years. Despite a handful of controversies and some backlash from fans for various choices, she has caught the attention of one of the greats. Earlier this week Coi posted a New York Fashion Week photo where she's seen hanging out with Ice Spice.

Coi received backlash as I reported yesterday of trying to ride Ice Spice's wave. The trolls was working overtime with negative comments on the picture of Ice and Coi. Since Coi has deleted the post.

Today Coi posted a pic she will have no problem with it being on her timeline for a lifetime. Coi Leray shows off a bouquet of white flowers she was sent by the queen, Beyonce.

The beautiful white flowers came with a little note reading, "I'm a fan of yours and I love watching you grow. You're a very talented young lady. Love, Beyonce," the message reads. Coi was starstruck by the gesture. "Thank you for inspiring all of us not only with your music but just how you carry yourself with such grace," her caption reads. 

Photo:Getty Images

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