Young Thug Optimistic In Court In Spite of...

It's been hard to hear anything from him since the YSL RICO case started. The 32-year-old Atlanta rapper appeared in court last week automictic, smiling while speaking with his lawyer. Many are comparing Young Thug's RICO case to former president Donald Trump. Though the cases are two completely different situations it didn't stop Thug's father from expressing his sentiments.

 “Free YSL,” Young Thug’s father recently waved with a protest sign. “Trump & crew got a bond. Young Thug & YSL face the exact same charges but no bond? Make justice fair!!! We deserve a fair fight too Fani.”

Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, was indicted May 2022 under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statute, known as RICO. Like President Trump’s RICO indictment, the charging documents described a corrupt “enterprise” whose members shared common illegal goals.

Young Thug's case has had many hiccup's throughout the process so far. Young Thug's health has come into questions with concerns because of the horrible living conditions in the Fulton County Jail that has been reported. Along with co-defendants having murder trails taking priority over Young Thug's case. Definitely can not forget about the jury selection that is still going on for the last six months.

Time away from his family, continued court process hold ups, and health concerns Young Thug help his head up in court.

Switching up his courtroom drobe, Young Thug wore bright green hoodie instead of a suit and tie that has been captured on camera. His attorney Brian Steel is alongside him in the video, shuffling through documents preparing for the session ahead. You really can't tell what is being said in the video unless you can read lips.

The racketeering case against Young Thug has been marked in history by fans, an avalanche of pretrial defense motions and pressure on lower-level defendants to plead guilty.

Prosecutors claim that Thug is a co-founder of Young Slime Life (YSL), a criminal street gang whose members were responsible for murders and other violence, drug dealing and property crimes, with the purpose of illegally obtaining “money and property.” Associates of YSL and Thug claim YSL is only a record label. Fani Willis and the Fulton County prosecutors are letting up on this case being a gang performing organized crimes together.

As the trial continues to develop you can catch updates here.

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