Boosie and His Daughter Beefing Hard On Social Media

Boosie dissed his daughter and her mother on new diss song "Ungrateful". The Louisiana rapper has been feuding with his daughter and it has all been going down on social media. The new song is on Boosie's album Going Through Some Things.

"Baby mama, she done hit me with the child support/Ol' dirty-a## b***h 'bout to lie in court," ..... "Well, that AMG Benz I'ma need that back/Won't play it like that, you ain't 'bout to keep that/Guess the b***h still mad 'cause her brother got wacked/This the same n***a f**ked your little sister in the cat/You sucked Bleek d**k while I f**ked you from the back/You ain't never been s**t but a f**king hood rat/Your ungrateful ass." Boosie raps.

Last month Boosie's daughter Tori called him out for repossessing her AMG black Mercedes.

Photo:Getty Images

Video: Akademiks IG

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