Lil Baby Gearing Up for $75K Lawsuit

An instagram model claims ate 4PF groceries and provided details of the engagement to the host of We In Miami Podcast. Teresa Lavae shared on the podcast that she not only played with Lil Baby's ass but A$AP Rocky's as well.

The explicit details described the sexual encounter was like no other. Teresa was all smiles reminiscing about her experience with Lil Baby. She also claimed he paid her $40,000.

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Lavae continued the conversation with receipts proving text messages between the rappers. The dates go back to as early as 2020 when she claims the sexual exploits began. Though nothing has been confirmed as credible Teresa Lavae also shared her experiences with A$AP Rocky's dariare.

Lil Baby and his team are planning to planning to file a defamation of character lawsuit.

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