Polo G's Mansion Raided and Handcuffs Followed

On Wednesday (Aug. 23) rapper Polo G's $4.9 million mansion was raided by police. There is video of the raid released on multiple outlets. The whole situation could be viewed on instagram.

You can hear one of the officers on a bullhorn giving demands. Several individuals are seen exiting the house and being led away in handcuffs. The celebrity news site reported, police were executing a search warrant on the home in connection to a robbery. Four people were detained.

The Southern California mansion was surrounded by authorities with Polo G's brother in the background of a video commenting on the raid.

A rep for Polo G told reporters that they "are hopeful" the LADP will handle the matter with tact and transparency.

Polo G has had a few run-ins with the law. In June 2021, Polo G was arrested in Miami following a release party for his Hall of Fame album. He was held on several charges including battery on a police officer. Then in September of 2021, he was arrested on gun charges in L.A., which the case was eventually dropped.

Polo G's lawyer Bradford Cohen will provide updates on his client as details are made clearer.

Photo: Getty Images

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