EST Gee Is Not To Be Played With

Louisville, Kentucky native EST Gee appeared on The Bootleg Kev Podcast on Tuesday (August 15) for what was supposed to be a lengthy conversation, but things went left after just 25 minutes when Gee grew frustrated with Kev’s questions.

EST Gee got very irritated during the conversation with Kev. Focused on promoting his new project EST Gee questioned Kev's focus during the interview.

“What do that got to do with music and shit, bro?” he asked after Bootleg Kev inquired about his pre-fame days as a star linebacker at Indiana State University.

“No, I’m just curious because I’m a huge football fan and I find it fascinating that you have like a real high-level football run before the rap shit took off,” Kev explained.

Photo:Getty Photo

Video:Bootleg Kev YouTube

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