Charleston White's Instagram Snatched Again

Instagram has canceled Charleston White's account for the fourth time. Recently Charleston has been in a viral beef with Kick streamer Adin Ross. White is known for his take on Hip Hop, politics, and social injustice issue.

White claims Ross invited him to hang out in Las Vegas after Ross said he needed a break from streaming. It seems as if the pairs hangout went left.

“Fuck that white boy [Adin Ross], fuck them Jew motherf#ckers,” White begins in one clip posted to X. “They don’t know shit, n***a. They don’t know how to treat no n*** The Jews? Nah nah, we’re the real motherfucking Jews. The nappy-hat n***a that was in chains. Fuck the Jews, man,” he said in the lengthy video. “The Holocaust was fake…They made up some shit. Like Valentine Day and Christmas, made up. Fuck you talking about – when Jesus was born there weren’t even no December.”

Charleston has responded to his viral rant by saying that he is simply “playing a character online.” White is seen crying in the clip expressing his remorse.

Photo:Getty Images

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