PDE Affiliates Arrested on RICO Charges

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday (Aug. 9) the arrest of eight of Yung Nudy's PDE crew. All eight are being charged with violation of the Georgia RICO Act, violation of the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, conspiracy to defraud the state, and identity fraud.

The groups activities stuke the attention of authorities after a series of gang-related homicide investigations in 2021, which caused "The White Collar Crime Unit" to spend two years investigating PDE. The White Collar Crimes Unit Deputy District Attorney Will Wooton expressed in a news conference Though the individuals are not indicted for violent crimes against members in the community the alleged crimes accused of fall under Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization Act when grouping the eight together as a gang. The Prosecutors allege there was an insurance fraud scheme that covered servel states, along with stealing personal information from more than 100 unaware residents to apply for and receive federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds.

Unit Deputy District Attorney Will Wooten told Atlanta News First that his unit spent countless hour going through cell phone records, bank accounts, social media history, Chime accounts, and other documents. They plan to hold all persons responsible that have been indicted by the grand jury.

Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis announced during the press conference " it didn't matter whether they are shooting or stealing criminal street gangs will be prosecuted by her office.

Eyebrows raise when Atlanta Crime reporter, George Chidi comments that he doesn't see a connection with rappers after combing through the indictment.

He wrote," If there are rapper in there, I can't see them," There's nothing obvious in this indictment about a connection between PDE the street gang and anyone signed to PDE label. He also mentions there are no instagram gang photos or lyrics or other stuff we see in other gang cases."

Fani Willis promised to go hard on crime in the streets of Atlanta with her first RICO indictment against YSL affiliates. The indictment listed over 50 people originally. Young Thug is still pending trial as he is still in jury selection process; which is in month 6.

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Video: Young Nudy on YouTube

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