Beyonce Makes History With "Renaissance World Tour"

Touring Data has confirmed Beyonce is a performer like no other and her only competition is self. With tracking stats of Queen B's Renaissance World Tour the numbers are enormous.

Renaissance World Tour has now become the highest-grossing tour of all time by a black musician. The tour has generated over $290 million in the first 33 shows. There are 23 shows still left on the schedule; touching down in Miami, FL August 19.

Beyonce has also broken the all-time records for the highest-grossing concerts by a female with her performances at MetLife Stadium. Both nights the Queen pulled in $16.5 million.


Beyonce's most recent stop on the Renaissance World Tour was this past weekend in Maryland (Aug. 6). There was a massive storm that paused the show for a couple hours; causing the show to run late. Beyonce made up to her fans by making sure everyone could get home safe.

The city's Metro train service hours were extended. Beyonce made it happen by scooping up the $100,000 bill for the Bhive.

Photo: Getty Images

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