Erykah Badu Calls Out Beyonce

Erykah Badu caught the internet's attention with her instagram story post this week with a picture of Beyonce. Badu lowkey accused Beyonce of biting her style during the Renaissance World Tour. While performing in New Jersey Beyonce hit the stage in an over sized top hat. Which Badu is known for her eclectic style and hats.

Badu has sported elaborate headwear for years. The film The Holy Mountain 1973 is where the inspiration comes from.

Erykah's post read "I guess I'm everybody stylist". Badu post a picture of her and Beyonce in similar oversized chromed hats. She shared Beyonce's post, where she is bowing her head in the hat in her stage performance outfit.

Erykah even commented on Beyonce's photo wearing the hat to say she was "flattered" to see her twinning.

Beyonce has been spotted wearing larger than life headgear as well. Think back to the "Formation" music video. Well the Behive stepped in to take up for The Renaissance Queen on X (Twitter).

Erykah hasn't made any more comments while Beyonce hasn't publicly acknowledged the copycat scandal.

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