Drake Shows Off Tupac's Crown Ring

The late rapper, Tupac Shakur wore the custom gold, diamond, and ruby crown ring. Tupac designed the ring himself, and wore it to the MTV Music Awards in 1996. Drake snatched up the ring at an auction while on It's All A Blur Tour with 21 Savage.

The auction was the third in a Sotheby’s series dedicated to articles from the world of hip-hop, in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the genre.


Photo: ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

Drake paid $1,016,000 for the ring at Sotheby’s auction. Shakur’s ring was expected to sell for at least $200,000. 

Since Drake's last tour, he has released several new records. Her Loss with 21 Savage is one. Her Loss debuted at No.1 on Billboard 200

Photo:Getty Images

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