Wiz Kalifa Debuts New OOKA Device

Wiz Khalifa unveiled his new revolutionary device OOKA. He is changing game through technology. OOKA is a modern hookah that is revolutionizing the way you intake cannabis. It has been noted to be a cleaner, smoother consumption compared to the traditional method of smoking marijuana.

OOKA is a charcoal-free hookah,with heat-not-burn pod technology. It vaporizes flower without burning it to perfection. Unlike traditional hookahs, OOKA keeps it simple when it comes to assembling and cleaning, so you spend less time on pregame set up. You also have more time enjoying your smoking session because each pod is good for an approximately one-hour session. Which eliminates having to keeping twisting up or relighting when chilling with friends.

Wiz went on Drink Champs to debut the new product with N.O.R.E. There are multiple flavors available; OOKA pods enhance with terpenes that elevates the effects and flavor profile. To name a few you can snatch up ; Just Vibe, Get Zen, Zone In, and Happy Hour.

Check out Wiz Khalifa debut of OOKA with N.O.R.E on Drink Champs.

As much as Wiz Khalifa is captured with a spliff in his hand it is safe to say he is a trusted source for anyone looking to enhance their smoking experience. It has to be a good thing if Wiz Khalifa is partnering with the innovative brand.

Photo:Getty Images

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