Travis Scott Promise To Make Up Egypt Tour Dates

"Egypt at the pyramids will happen but due to demand and details logistics they just need a bit of time to set lay on lands," Travis Scott wrote. 'I will keep you posted on a date which will be soon love you allll. Travis Scott insist Utpoia will happen in spite of push back.

The Egyptian Musicians Syndicate blocked the gig in Giza, home of the pyramids. The group is responsible for granting permission for live performances. It has been reported that the group was unhappy with various elements of the show. It is not clear to what was offensive in the show. There were concerns about the traditions of the country.

 The NME commissioning editor Tom Smith. "It's not just all about the performance," he says...."There's a lot to consider when these launches are going on - this is just one part of what is a huge rollout."

Smith points out the pyramids are "an ancient structure" not used to hosting music events attended by thousands.


Photo:Getty Images

Video:Karim YouTube

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