YNW MELLY Double Murder Trial Mistrial

The Florida state prosecutors had a theory that all of the jurors were not buying against YNW Melly,. YNW Melly, whose government name is Jamell Demons has been in Broward County jail for the last four and a half years for the alleged double murder of two of his former friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. After three days of deliberating the jury called for a mistrial.

State attorney Kristin Bradley claims, "that there was a premeditated plan to kill Anthony Williams. Williams was shot in the back of his head. There were supposed to have been an alibi already discussed.

Melly's legal team put the murders on YNW Bortlen, Cortlen Henry. Defense attorneys pushed that Melly was at home sleep at the time of the murders. Bortlen is still awaiting trial, but he did send a message following YNW Melly's mistrial verdict. Bortlen tweeted, "Mind games don't play on people like him."

What happens next? In the event a mistrial occurs because a jury is unable to reach a verdict. There must be a new trial with a new jury or there is serious errors in the process or misconduct resulting in an unfair trial. Both sides will have to retry their case from the beginning.

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