Finesse2Tymes Wanted By The Police

Today (July 20) the Houston Police Department issued a warrant for the arrest of Ricky Hampton, better known as Finesse2Tymes. The Memphis rapper rented an Infiniti QX80 SUV back in February earlier this year from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The Infiniti was supposed to be returned on March 10th but the rental was never returned. Instead a 10-day Demand Letter was sent. Bell spoke Enterprise on the delinquent rental and advised the employee that Finsse2Tymes was currently in possession of the rental. In reports by ABC13, Bell called the rapper on a three way call. Finesse told Bell and Enterprise he was in Atlanta at the time and the car would be dropped off on April 23. That never happened.

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Enterprise listed the $72,000 suv as stolen. Authorities spotted the vehicle around Houston. A new asist of Finesse was driving the vehicle when investigators ran the plates. The young lady driving explained that her boss Finesse2Tymes gave her the keys to the car to drive. She has not been employed long by the rapper.

Fineese2Tymes has not been detained nor has he responded as of yet.

Photo:Getty Images

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