Sexyy Red Responds To Backlash From High School Appearance

Sexyy Red recently made an appearance at a high school putting her best foot forward in the community. The "Pound Town" rapper is well known for her ratchet lyrics and simply just being herself. "Pound Town" became a viral success with over 15 million on-demand streams. The single has fans from all over chanting the chorus in TikTok videos. It even caught the attention of Nicki Minaj; who jumped on the official remix "Pound Town 2".

Sexyy Red was putting her sucess to work through charity for her high school fans. She entered the chaotic gymnasium full of excited teens. The students bomb rushed Sexyy jumpping off bleachers to greet her. In the viral video clip one of the men at the event had to threaten the students to cancel the event if they could not calm down.

The internet was quick to comment on Sexyy Red's performance at the school; questioning why her appearance was approved in the first place. One commenter wrote;

“Why would they allow ‘my coochie pink and bootyhole brown’ in middle school ?” Another stated the lyrics alone to Pound Town is reason to why it should have been a no.

Sexyy Red did confirm she did not perform. She was only there to support the students.

Sexyy Red responded to the backlash by reminding the internet why she was there and reminiscing on her own experiences.

“Y’all do know I went there to give the boys money for they haircuts and girls bundles for prom week cause I remember when I needed help with my prom stuff,” she tweeted.

She also asked " what school she should go to next?

Sexyy Red has gained support from fellow rappers and encouraged to keep her authenticity. NLE Choppa has voiced his liking of "Big Sexyy". Along with Travis Scott. Travis recently bought Sexyy Red out on stage with him during his headlining set at Wireless Festival in London . For her 10 minute performance he paid her $100k.

Looks like haircuts and bundles of hair for teenagers is a good flip for Sexyy Red in the community. It's more than music; it's a culture.

Photo: Getty Images

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