Lil Yachty Spent $100k On A Date

Lil Yachty will be hitting the Rolling Loud Miami stage next weekend (July 21-July 23) with fans anticipating him performing his new joint "Strike". His psychedelic rock vibes have been embraced with his Let's Start Here album, which hit No.9 on the Billboard 200.

Outside of music the popular streamer Kai Cenat joined Lil Yachty on his Safe Place Podcast this week. During the discussion the topic on spending money hit the floor and Yachty had some explaining to get off his chest. Yachty shares that he regrets dropping $100,000 on a date to Disney World with a female in his past.

Yachty had to admit, "The overall of that trip wasn’t trickin’, [it] wasn’t for her, but it was to go big and I kinda went a little insane. That thing specifically is I spent $100,000 to go to Disney World. I regret it because we weren’t dating and it just didn’t go nowhere." Yachty added, "But it was fire — it was my experience too, it was crazy — but it was insane." 

Lil Yachty has been low key with revealing his relationships. He has a daughter with ex-girlfriend Selangie.

On the music side, Lil Yachty made his pivot to psychedelic rock with his Let’s Start Here album, which arrived in January and reached No. 9 on the Billboard 200.

His latest single, “Strike (Holster)” has slow-burned to success since its April release and the Cole Bennett-directed video has compiled 17 million views.

What is your maximum amount of money your spending on a date and you are Not a couple?

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Video: A Safe Place Podcast

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