Carl Crawford Claims Erica Banks Owes Him $500k

Erica Banks and 1501 Certified Entertainment founder Carl Crawford are not seeing eye to eye after their recent business split. Banks signed to 1501 back in 2019 and she also landed Warner Records. Her 2022 studio album, Diary of the Flow Queen, was released via 1501 Entertainment under an exclusive license to Warner.

As things seem to be in motion for Erica on the flip side she took to social media last month to announce that she was no longer with 1501 Entertainment. Eric responded to a fans comments on Instagram by writing, "I'm not with them anymore." The fan suggested that Erica should leave 1501 to be more successful.

Erica then double down on expressing how she feels about her former label on her single, Real Rap B#### (Poppin It)". With lyrics flowing.. "Don't give a f@ck about that label, they see me/ and they owe me some money, they greedy.

The 1501 founder is not shy towards responding to artist. Carl sums it all up to just being business. This may just be a case of "Copycat". Carls shared that Erica Banks is following in Megan Thee Stallion footsteps.

“The only reason why the one’s doing it is because the other one did it, so if the first one hadn’t took this route, the second wouldn’t have took this route,” said Crawford about Erica Banks and Megan Thee Stallion. “They only follow each other.”

What are your thoughts?

Photo:Getty Images

Video:Erica Banks YouTube

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