Rich Homie Quan's Manager Speaks on Alleged Snitching Allegations

Leaked footage of Rich Homie Quan has been circling around the internet. Which is leaving many with a lot of questions because it's giving "snitching" energy on Young Thug. Recently Rich Homie Monta, whose Rich Homie Quan's manager shared his thoughts on the snitching allegations against his artist.

In an almost eight minute video Monta, was upset by the backlash his artist is receiving. Monta says, "At some point all ni##as done snitched."

Monta spoke on the current state of the culture in his opinion, along with the violence in Hip-Hop community. Monta went on to defend Rich Homie Quan as Young Thug's sister, Dora Williams backs him. Over the weekend (July 1) Quan was recorded backstage allegedly talking about Young Thug.

The audio is not the clearest but you can make out Rich Homie Quan say: " You can tell Thug had something to do with it. We just can't prove it." The recording also reveals Quan has "love" for Thugga but "this sh*t deeper than rap," and that the situation was "f##ked up."

Dora, Young Thug sister responded to the leaked audio posting on Ig: "The fact I went to richhomiequan concert he said free thug so many times come to find out you got a whole 30 minute recording telling damn." Young Thug is still behind bars pending trial results. The case has been set to take as long as the rest of the year to come to a verdict. Jury selection is still in on going at the time.

Check out the leaked audio below of Rich Homie Quan allegedly snitching on Young Thug below and drop your thoughts.

Photo: Getty Images

Video:HipHopDX YouTube

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