Sexyy Red Shakes Off Summer Smash Performance

Sexyy Red has sored to the top of playlist across the country. Recently Big Sexyy cut her performance short at Summer Smash. While on stage the audience repeatedly threw objects on stage. In the momment Sexxy Red turned around on the crowd and ended her set early.

The internet chimed in on the situation with split views. Half of the commenters questioning why are fans throwing stuff on stage in the first place. On the flip side other comments address her performance skills as an artist. Sexxy Red jumped on Tik Tok with a message for the haters, "When dey hatin but you kno you da sht," her caption reads.

The comments on the post also calls out the caparison between Sexxy Red and GloRilla's behavior being the same. Stating the same things Glorilla was praised for Sexyy Red recieves backlash because of "colorisim".

Sexyy Red popped out on Hot 100 with her hit single Pound Town. Nicki Minaj is featured on the remix, Pound Town 2. Big Sexxy is on a roll with new music and keeping her fans engaged.

Photo: Getty Images

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