Fans Are Concerned For Kodak Black

Kodak Black left fans concerned about his well being after his recent live stream. The Pompano rapper has been busy releasing new music and continuing his work as a philamprothist, being involved in his local community and aboard. On the flip side it's no secret Yak is very familiar with the criminal justice system in America.

Run-ins with law enforcement has Kodak out on bond at the time. Which last week it was reported that a warrant was issued for Kodak to be detained for missing a court ordered drug test.

In the livestream Yak is sitting on the floor shirtless,mumbling to himself. "I'm a great person. I was born a innocent sweet child. In the midst of his rant he mention "y'all did this to me, on God."

Kodak responded to his concerned fans with a statement posted on Twitter. " I don't know cause I don't smoke crack or none of that crazy sh#t, but it got some sh#t on that boy. I feel like I can't breathe if I don't listen to that muthaf##ka.

It has also been reported Kodak turned himself in today (June 26) in Broward County, Fl.

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