Cardi B. Awarded $350k

Kevin Brophy sued Cardi B. for allegedly using an image of his back tattoo for her Gangsta B#### cover without his permission. A California jury has ruled against Brophy in the $5 million lawsuit.

Brophy has agreed to pay Cardi $350,000 for legal bills accrued during the case. He also shut down seeking a new trial or possibly challenge the verdict on appeal. Brophy claimed the Bronx rapper left him "devastated, humiliated and embarrassed" because of the image of him used on the album cover. The photo is of a man with his head between Cardi B's legs as she drinks a Corona beer.

“It looks like I’m giving oral sex to somebody that’s not my wife, somebody that’s not my partner, and an image that I never signed off on ever,” Brophy said in court.... "Being a father of two and a devoted husband and a man of faith as well, this goes against everything that I stand for, and I would never ever sign off on something like this."

Cardi B. and her legal team have been the victors in several lawsuits recently. Cardi also won the defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K. A Georgia jury ordered Tash K to pay Cardi $4 million.

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