Lil Tj Arrested Again

Lil Tjay has been arrested for the second time this year. Recently the New York police arrested Lil Tjay while he was on instagram live. The rapper was filming for a music video when authorities rolled up on him in Manhattan with cuffs. The police took him in for reckless endangerment.

It has not been clarified what initiated the arrest. The arrest was captured on video by fans as well. Lil Tjay's lawyer, Dawn Florio reported to media outlets that Tjay was not arrested for gun possession.

Tjay was arrested at the beginning of 2023 in January while on the way to a music video shoot with Ice Spice. Tjay was detained after a traffic stop went left when law enforcement discovered firearms in the vehicle. Officers allegedly found four loaded guns in the SUV. It was determined on the scene none of the people in the SUV had a valid license for the firearms. Tjay and friends were arrested and charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Photo:Getty Images

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