How Did Essence Festival Leave Off Juvenile?

Juvenile is calling out Essence Festival for not including him in the 2023 lineup while celebrating Hip-Hop's 50th Birthday. The New Orleans rapper was not happy that being from the N.O. and one of the hottest rappers out in his era why would the annual music festival that's all about the culture did not invite him to participate.

Juvy took to social media to express his thoughts. He posted his question on the matter on Twitter on Thursday.

“How is essence doing 50 years of hip hop in New Orleans without me???” The New Orleans rap star continued his rant by promoting another music festival that his is apart of.

“F that Donna Fest July 2nd me w my live band +Mannie Fresh +Rebirth & more & the best food vendors new orleans has to offer i should know im from here! Our [ticket emoji] are just $25!” he wrote.

Jermaine Dupri is leading the charge with a southern Hip-Hop set for Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary. The lineup includes Big Boi, Gucci Mane, T.I., Lil Jon, and Ludacris.

The New Orleans rap legend came up in the game under Cash Money Records in the ‘90s. Juvy made a name for himself with hits like “Back That Azz Up,” “Set It Off,” “Slow Motion,” and much more. Can't forget He was Hot Boy!

Photo: Getty Images

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