MoneyBagg Yo

Moneybagg has been in the hot seat over alleged infidelities during his relationship with Ari Fletcher. Moneybagg admitted to slipping up in the past. He expressed how he went through hell to make things right with Ari.

Moneybagg dropped in on IRL Podcast and told Angie, " The female was trying to run down play by play to Ari. It made it very difficult emotionally for Ari dealing with the situation.

2022 BET Awards - Arrivals

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MoneyBagg explained why he vibes with Ari so much, and how she has helped him through some situations. He shared that he was coming from a "pure place" with is apology. Angela questioned if he was only sorry because he got caught.

MoneyBagg confirmed that he wanna work through it and get through it and she with it. ...."She helping me work through it. That’s why I rock with her so tough.”

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