Diddy's Giving A New Definition To "Pull Up"

Diddy and Rick Ross are living their best lives. Diddy is amongst the celebrities that will be in attendance at Rick Ross's annual car show. Diddy has plan to show off his supercar collection but has not intentions on pulling up in an old school ride or the newest luxury car. It's all going down this Saturday, June 3. and Diddy needed clarity ahead of time.

Diddy needed to know if he can land his private jet on the Promise Land runway. Of course Rozay has Diddy covered! "Promise Land" sits on 235 acres in Fayetteville, Ga, with its own runway.

Rozay's car show has been the talk of the internet all month. With the Boss neighbors pushing against having the annual event in their neighborhood. It was a touchy situation if the event was going down or not. The Fayette County Planning and Zoning Commission denied Rick Ross a permit earlier this month. Residents and local officials objected, claiming it will disrupt traffic.

The Miami rapper was not bothered by neighbors nor Fayette County. He vowed to have his car show in spite of and will handle the fees and fines should he there be further resistance.

All eyes will be glued to video posting of the elaborate car show.

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