Chris Brown Faces Assault Charges

Chris Brown visited London recently and British authorities have questions. Brown was accused of smashing a bottle over a producer's head during an altercation in a nightclub. Now Chris is facing assault charges should her return to the UK.

The alleged incident took place in February while Breezy was in London on tour. The producer that accused Chris of assault was allegedly kicked and punched during the altercation. He was treated for non-life threatening injuries in a nearby hospital. Police were given assurances that Brown would turn himself in for questioning after the U.K. tour ended; which was around March 29. Chris supposedly wrapped up the European tour and fled back to the states.

Chris Brown "Under The Influence" Europe Tour

Photo: Getty Images

Brown was banned from U.K. in 2020. The government may be a little embarrassed over the course of events being they let Chris back in the country. Nonetheless should he step foot on European soil the police say they are looking for him.

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