Rick Ross & Dj Envy Car Show Beef Gets Messy

Breakfast Club host Dj Envy started his Monday morning off clowning Rick Ross. Envy showed up to work in a correctional officer uniform mocking Ross. Taking shots at Ross's past career as a correctional officer in Miami during the 90's.

Envy claims his clap back is justified. "Ross went at me for 10-12 hours", Envy stated. Envy continued slinging mud saying Ross wasn't a real boss and accusing Rozay of being a "follower". The two men have been feuding over their competing car shows. Last week Ross visited Drink Champs declaring that Dj Envy "was never on my level" when it comes to hosting car shows. It has been a war of words since between the two on social media.

Ross hit back showcasing his his luxury amenities on the Promise Land compound. Showing off swimming pool number two, Rozay called out "Dj Envious..Envious" He asked Envy to guess the time? Then invited him and his boys to come out and set up a Dj booth. Ross expressed how he wanted the boys to breakdance to the Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill. Brass Money.

Ross reminded Envy that he goes to work every day on Charlamagne Breakfast show. He also mentioned that him and Envious did not get their fortunes the same way. The Port of Miami boss also mentioned that he "hustles" compared to Envey who, may sue.

Photo:Getty Images

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