Lil Wayne Takes Up For Ja' Morant

Lil Wayne dropped in on the All The Smoke podcasts. He discussed with Mat Barnes and Stephen Jackson his own experiences as a celebrity and relating to Ja' Morant.

The New Orleans rapper explained how a lot of people are taking to the internet with messages for Ja' Morant but, in situations like this the target is more than likely missed.

"In a lot of situations like this when when we're all talking about it, the actual people we're talking about, the purposely stay away from this," expressed Wayne.

Wayne also mentioned that sometime it's even hard to receive the message when your the celebrity. Wayne shared how his mom worked her hardest to make sure he was safe, and taken care of. Some way he still shot himself. Ja' Morant is still in his 20's as a young NBA superstar. Wayne's advocating that everyone considers his age and be a little more realistic with expectations and providing unsolicited advice.

Photo: Getty Images

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