Drill Rapper Sleepy Hallow Screams He & Sheff G Are "Innocent"

Brooklyn Drill rapper Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G were arrested on Tuesday (May 16) along with 30 other people. They have a 140-count indictment hanging over their heads.

The Brooklyn District's Attorney's office is claiming the gang is linked to 12 shootings and a murder that was caught on camera. NYC Mayor Eric Adams said, "They're dangerous people, and it's a small number of them. According to the New York Post, the rappers have been accused of using their "fame" and "fortune" to elevate gang violence all over Brooklyn. The indictment includes a slew of conspiracy charges.

Sleepy Hallow is saying he and Sheff G are innocent.

The investigation on the gang stretches back over four years. Twenty-two teams make up the NYPD's Gun Violence Suppression Division. The unit arrest the alleged eight Trey gang members with some already behind bars. Michael Williams, known as drill rapper Sheff G, previously plead guilty to gun possession. He has been booked on new charges. The NYPD believe he still controls the streets while incarcerated.

Some of the crimes have been caught on video. There is a surveillance clip, where individuals pop out a sunroof and car windows with guns blazing. Charges include murder, attempted murder, weapons, possession and other crimes. Breaking some of the charges down further: one murder, four attempted murders and 12 non-fatal shootings.

As a culture we gotta tighten up on the gun violence and street activities. The Hip Hop culture has been under heavy pressure with artist being arrested related to gang violence or conspiracy rings.

Check out the video below of some of the crimes the alleged gang has reeked on the city of Brooklyn and beyond. Stretching into Manhattan and New Jersey.

Photo: Getty Images

Video:NBC New York YouTube

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