Ja' Morant Suspended Again

Ja' Morant suspended from all the Grizzlies activities again after gun video.The video was removed from the account holder, but clips of the video went wild on the internet on Sunday.

The Instagram Live video posted by "_dtap2" shows Ja Morant in the car with a friend listening to music with high energy bouncing around the car. Then it appears that Morant is holding a gun. The camera is quickly moved off of Morant and gun but the damage was already done. This happens just months after Morant was suspended for another Instagram Live video of him brandishing a gun. In March while at the strip club, Shotgun Willie's. Morant was suspended for eight games following the incident.

The Grizzlies announced the suspension, which is pending a league review.

"We are aware of the social media post involving Ja Morant and are in the process of gathering more information," NBA spokesperson Mike Bass said in a statement Sunday.

During the first suspension Morant told ESPN that he realizes what he has "to lose" and would "try to be more responsible and smarter". Morant is risking his career with the behavior being displayed in videos with so called friends.

Many fellow NBA players have expressed their disappointment, and anger with how Morant is representing himself as a professional basketball player. Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, rappers and even Hollywood actors are stressing encouraging words for Morant to get it together in his life off the court.

Kwame Brown, called Morant "NBA Dumb Boy". Many are reminding Morant he is a basketball player not a rapper. While rappers are chiming in advising Morant that being gangsta is not it.

Fat Joe has even joked that Morant trying to play for "Turkey".

Morant has a five-year, $194 million max contract that is set to start this upcoming season. His contract amount could have increased if he would have made All-NBA this season, he wasn't voted on the team. He could have earned and additional $39 million in future earnings. Morant also has endorsement deals with Nike and Powerade.

Powerade snatched ads featuring Morant immediately after the March gun video surfaced. A powerade spokesman told ESPN's Michelle Steele this week, "At this time we do not have any Ja-related content running."

Morant has released an apology statement of remorse for his actions.

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Video: Overreacted on YouTube

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