18-Year Old Admits to Role In Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Jackson, was killed at 20 years old in February of 2020. A group of men broke into his Hollywood home. Pop accidently revealed the address on an IG post earlier the same day. Pop Smoke attempted to fight off the robbers which resulted in his death.

A month after one of the co-defendants pleaded guilty to robbery and manslaughter in the case. The now 18-year old (who was 15 at the time of crime) admitted to his role in the Brooklyn rappers death. In Juvenile Court last Friday (May 12), the suspect copped to his role i the home-invasion robbery and "allegations that he personally and intentionally discharged a firearm during the crime." Along with shooting Pop Smoke.

Judge Christopher Smith weighed in on the 18-year old and his co-defendant after his admission with stern words, reported by the LA Times:

"Jackson lost his life ver no good reason. You have no right to take somebody's life. You have no right to take somebody's property."

Three other people were charged with Mr. Jackson's death. One other juvenile, who was a minor at the time. Keandre Rodgers and Corey Walker, were 18 and 19 at the time of the crimes committed. Judge Smith did bar the identification of the minor from being released.


Photo: Getty Images

Video: InsideEdition YouTube

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