YSL RICO: Judge Glanville Threatens Lawyers

Judge Ural Glanville assigns a 17-page essay on the importance of professionalism. Glanville threatened attorney's Anastassios Manettas and Eric Johnson with jail time for contempt of court after Manettas refused to buy lunch for all the lawyers. The judge stressed the importance of treating one's opponents with civility.

Anastassios Manettas and Eric Johnson represent are representing Miles Farley and Christian Eppinger in the ongoing YSL RICO case. The case has caught national headlines involving super star status rappers Young Thug and Gunna. Besides Gunna seven of the 28- codefendants accepted plea deals. The seven men were charged with the conspiracy to violate the RICO Act, which carries a five and 20 years sentence.

According to the American Bar Association in any given year 98% of criminal cases in the federal courts end with a plea bargain. A practice that is more for efficiency over fairness and innocence.

Judge Ural Glanville cleared up all the smoke after the latest incident comes after one of the attorney, Justin Hill went viral on social media yesterday (Monday), for using the word "cap", while addressing the judge in court. Judge Glanville accused Justin of not making a formal assertion.

Thus far the case is expected to be the longest criminal trial in Fulton County. Young Thug has been behind bars since May 2022. The judge cited concerns about witness intimidation and the potential for additional criminal activity denying bond.

Photo: Getty Images

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